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TAJI 100

What is it?

The first Taji 100 was held at former Camp Taji, in Al Taji, Iraq, in February of 2010. The once-thriving American military base was located in a rural region approximately 20 miles north of Baghdad. During the Saddam years, the camp was an Iraqi Republican Guard base central to the production of chemical weapons. Camp Taji was heavily bombed during Operation Desert Fox, and came under American control in 2003. Captain Carole DiPardo, 211th Military Police Battalion, created the friendly competition for her fellow troops in Camp Taji with a simple goal: Run 100 miles during the month of February.

Although DiPardo originally established the challenge to promote cardiovascular health and fitness, the run was also instrumental in helping stationed U.S. service members relieve stress and boredom during what were often long and tedious deployments. With nearly 300 registered runners and walkers its first year, the inaugural Taji 100 was a huge success.

How can I participate?

By signing up at

Entry is free unless you want some of the extra souvenirs at which points its 75$. Once you've registered you can join team USVN by searching for us. The team has our logo on it.  

How will this work?

Each individual has a goal of 100 miles from February 1-28th. If you join the USVN team then our miles are added together for a combined total.

Walk, jog, run, hike, or elliptical 100 miles, or swim 25 miles, cycle 300 miles, or row 200,000 meters within the 28 days of February 2023. New for 2023, you may mix-and-match activities! Your total goal is based on a 0-100 percentage scale. Each distance ran, walked, hiked, swam, cycled or rowed will be converted to a percentage based on the below conversion chart. Run, Walk, Hike, Ruck: 1 Mile = 1% Swim: 1,650 yards = 1% Cycle: 3 miles = 1% Row: 2,000 meters = 1% At the end of each day or after a few days you will log into the website and enter your numbers.

What if I can't do the 100 miles?

Not everyone can do 100 miles in a month due to physical or personal constraints which is 100% alright. As a team we will do our best to uplift each other as well as try and make up where we're lacking in miles. No one who can't complete the 100 miles will be impacted negatively in any manner. The main purpose of this (to me) is to build camaraderie and get fit in the process.

Can I contribute somehow if I dont want to run?

Absolutely. You can cheer your fellow USVN participants on as well as sponsor team USVN via this link

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